Regeneration Project featured on ABC’s Australian Story

Australian Story, 15 March 2021

An Unlikely Match | Magda Szubanski + ‘Egg Boy’

Devastated by the 2020 bushfires and determined to do something to help, actor and writer Magda Szubanski joined forces with an unlikely partner, teenager Will ‘Egg Boy’ Connolly.

Will had been struggling with unexpected fame after footage of him cracking an egg over a former politician’s head went viral.

Magda took him under her wing and together the odd couple raised nearly $200,000 which after careful research they directed into art therapy classes for bushfire survivors in the Snowy Mountains region.

Australian Story joins them both on the road as Magda shares her own experiences of family trauma — and lots of laughs — with the Snowy Mountains locals.

Watch from 21min 30sec to see CCCR members Jordan Williams and Ian Drayton talk about their Regernatiron Project that the nearly $200,000 that Magda and Egg Boy raised helped fund.