POTM Episode 18 – Sholeh Wolpe

Sholeh Wolpé is an Iranian-born poet, writer and translator whose latest books are Keeping time with Blue Hyacinths and her highly-regarded translation of Attar’s Conference of the Birds.

Wolpé ’s literary work includes four collections of poetry, two plays, three books of translations, and three anthologies. Wolpé ’s writings have been translated into eleven languages and included in numerous American and international anthologies and journals of poetry and fiction. Her writings have been featured on programs such as Selected Shorts and PRI. She has lived in the UK and Trinidad, and is a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Sholeh Wolpe was an international poet in residence at 2018’s Poetry on the Move festival. Here she ‘takes us on a journey’ through her life and poetry and introduces many of us to the delights of Attar’s work.

Poetry on the Move podcast
Poetry on the Move podcast
POTM Episode 18 - Sholeh Wolpe